Your email address could be costing you.

Personal email like Google®, Yahoo!®, Hotmail®, or AOL® can easily be ignored or sent to the junk folder. You could be holding yourself back by not having your own professional domain name and email address.

4 Big Reasons You Shouldn’t Use Personal Email for Business

It’s unprofessional.

Customers expect businesses to look professional online – including the business’s email address and domain name. An email sent from a branded, professional email address is more likely to be opened and read vs. one sent from a free service like Gmail, Yahoo!, or AOL. 

Customers expect you to respect their privacy and protect the personal information they share with you through email. As a single user on one of the large email platforms, you’re more likely to have your inbox hacked than you are using your own domain.

It’s also difficult to create eye-catching emails that match your brand or that are easily viewed from any device. Remember, customers could be opening email from devices other than a computer, like cell phones and tablets. 

Microsoft 365 Professional Email and Email Marketing from Webster ensure your digital messages are professional and promote your brand, from the email address itself to the design of the messages. 

Your messages may not be getting through.

As more email providers begin adopting stricter spam filters, the chances of your messages getting sent to the customer’s Spam/Junk folder are greater than ever. Most people use free email services like Gmail, Yahoo!, and AOL, and those providers have stepped up filtering their users’ inboxes.

Many email and Internet providers also restrict the number of emails you can send at once. As your book of business grows, so will the trouble you’ll have sending large numbers of emails at once. 

Personal email makes it hard to grow your business. 

Every business owner has one goal in common: growing the business itself. With growth often comes more employees or team members, larger and more complicated mailing lists, and a greater need to understand the impact of your email marketing campaigns. Personal and free email providers don’t offer any support when these (good) things happen.

Microsoft 365 Professional Email makes it easy to add, share, and collaborate with new employees or team members. You can also set up custom mailboxes (like ‘Sales’ and ‘Service’) to give your business an even better, professional look.

With Email Marketing plans from Webster , it’s easy to design custom email campaigns that support your brand. Managing large and complex mailing lists is also a breeze, and you’ll be able to see analytical data (like who read your messages and what they clicked on) to understand the impact of your campaigns.

You could be breaking the law. 

Laws and regulations related to email are constantly being added or updated, and they can vary widely from state to state. The CAN-SPAM Act has a number of requirements when it comes to marketing emails, and violating those requirements could cost you thousands (if not millions) in fines from the government.

If you’re using personal or free email for marketing purposes, you’re probably already in violation of the act since it’s not easy to identify yourself automatically as a business. Free email providers also do not provide an automated way to allow customers to opt out – a major violation. 

A professional Microsoft 365 email account using a domain name linked to your Website Builder Business site is an easy way to identify yourself as a business. Email Marketing Plans from Webster also provide the required opt-out option on your marketing campaigns, and Webster automatically updates your campaigns when laws change. 

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